In chasing a dream I have sacrificed everything, or at least everything in “society’s opinion” -fat salary, company car, flat, standard of living. Everything that had held me bound in fear for the longest time. A fear of change, failure and the unknown. With each passing day living a “normal life” a part of me died. I was stuck in a monotonous rat race; lost in time; bathed in a lukewarm existence. No fire, no passion, no desire to break the cycle. There came a day when I couldn’t continue, my soul was dying and I was empty, so I jumped… believing the net would appear.

I have no guarantee that this will work, but failing is not an option for me. I have only one life, one shot at really living. And while it seems like I’ve given everything up for this, I know that if I hadn’t taken the chance, THEN I would have been giving up everything-  my chance to really live, passionately, to chase a dream, and watch it unfold in front of my eyes as I take steps everyday, each one leading to another… doors opening, things changing, friendships growing, hearts breaking.

This journey has not been easy, but even in the times when its been terribly challenging, I’ve always been satisfied. I have a purpose, I know where Im going even though I dnt know exactly how I will get there. Im not afraid, because I have decided that this is what I want, and I believe, that because I want it so bad, the universe will rearrange the furniture until I get it. .

So many people think Im deluded, living in a bubble. I don’t mind :)  I love my bubble.

The hardest part has been walking away from the people I love. – but knowing that I have people who love me, and support my dream, makes the hard days a lil easier. And when I’ve gone off track, my relationship with God has brought me back to who I really am.

Everyday is a new chance to live to my fullest potential. Today is all I have. I don’t know if I will have tomorrow.

*I AM. Because I CHOOSE to be.

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