The sound of the earth resting.
The slight breeze across my clammy skin.
The sound of crickets and frogs.
Its a hot summer”s night in Durban.

There is a drum beating faintly in the distance, or maybe thats just my heart in my ears.
The stars twinkle at me as if knowing my thoughts and dreams, competing with the still lights of the city that holds my sin.
A year ago I would have been out on those city streets. Drowning in wine, covered in a smoky haze of euphoria. Dancing to the rythm of beats that seduced me to be free.

I sit now, enjoying the silence, and my own company. Knowing that the frivolous things that held my attention can no longer satisfy my thirst. The company kept has nothing new to say.
I am walking a new road. Or maybe it is the same road, with new eyes :) either way, Im loving this journey.

Im hoping one of these nights i”ll be blessed with an electric storm. Nothing quite clears my energy like watching the lightning streak accross the rain free sky! Pure ecstacy*

I am blessed, to be able to to slow down, appreciate and enjoy life n its finest pleasures.

When the unnecesary has been removed, and the distractions cleared. Suddenly everything makes alot more sense.

Be wary of what you are surrounded by, for the very essence of what surrounds you, may consume you.

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