I would like to think that I have chosen this path of my own free will. Would like to consider myself brave enough to have  “gone out to follow my dreams against all odds” but the truth is, I have no choice but to do this. Yes, theoretically I have a choice; Logistically even…….

I’ve tried doing other things, and yes, I’ve been very successful at them, but those successes are short lived as the boredom sets in. The fire in me starts to die and I grow cold and disinterested.

“Music is not just what I do, It’s who I am”

More important than living this dream, is the desire to inspire. The desire to empower, not just myself, but those around me; to reach their potential; to break their mold’s  and realise that we have ONE shot at this! This life, the skin we’re in, lasts only a while. On your death bed, do you not wish to look back and think “Yeah, I gave life everything I had!” instead of settling for a mediocre existence?

Then I reflect, and realise, that some people are happy with a half lit fire; happy in their comfort zones; Their never changing cycle of their everyday life. I wish I could be satisfied with that… It would be sooo much easier.

Instead, I am left seeking, fighting everyday to get closer to my goals. Some days I make only millimetres worth of progress, some days none at all, and its frustrating, but I refuse to give up. Other day’s, a simple “being in the right place at the right time” makes all the difference.  Its a rollercoaster that many are happy to avoid, but it excites me…. it ignites me!

“I have no choice but to walk this path.  If I am not growing in this, then I am dying. “


This is a funny industry though. Everyone looking out for numero uno. No ne willing to share any info or help you along this journey. lol! Its actually funny to think, that out of all the successful people that I’ve met in this business (and there are MANY) only a single person was actually willing to share their knowledge and give me guidance on this journey.  And for that persons effort  I am eternally grateful. My faith in man was restored despite experiencing many “ less than pleasant” encounters with many a dodgy character along the way.

I am grateful for those experiences too, for they have taught me to be wise, and strong, and persistent; but MOST importantly, they have taught me to take responsibility for my life. I have learnt to follow my instincts, trust my own judgement every time (even when I don’t know any better)  and to stand for what I believe in.

I’ve made mistakes along the way, and I’m probably going to make a whole lot more,  but its part of this exciting  journey… and I’m not afraid.

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