Wow! its been almost two years since I last blogged,(diary entry style)  and  so much has happened since.
Finally got to complete the album I returned to Durban to record. Made new friends, lost some old ones. Moved to Johannesburg and back. Broke some hearts, got mine broken too. Ultimately its been a roller coaster and I’m so much wiser for the journey. I’d love to say I’ve found myself or happiness, or even satisfaction, though I haven’t, and I’m not really sure if they are meant to be found or if the point to life is simply the pursuit of these things. hmmm
I can say, however, that I have found some peace. Peace in the understanding of the things I know, and of the things I don’t know.
Blogging takes some digging n hopefully by my next blog I”ll go below the surface n give you some details of my life. Until then.. stay fabulous… I’m out

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