I’m wondering, waiting,

I’m anticipating

I’m growing, you’re stalling,

I’m loosing my patience

A shadow of intent

A butterflies wings

A cloud passes over but my heart still sings


A picture, a portrait

A haze in the eyes

This fantasy created will be your demise

A concept so simple yet you fail to see

The throne you’ve created is not meant for me



Don’t send me roses

I want your time

Don’t send me chocolates, when I want your mind

I wanted passion, you sent me art

I don’t want fragrances I want you heart

Don’t send me roses

Don’t waste my time


Your kisses, sufficient

Your touch is my light

Caressing my body, I melt into night

I’m owned by your presence, I seek only you

I’d fall at your feet if you just asked me to


I wanna celebrate my love and all I feel

I wanna celebrate and make it real

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