For years, Janine has been fascinated by the drama and glamour of old Hollywood, pinup & the entire 1940’s- 1960’s era and it is evident in her music & image. Vintage cars, luggage & styling, are things that excite her…but none come close to her love for music

June 2017, Janine returned to South Africa after spending a total of 2 years, singing in Dubai. The first 6 months she was contracted as resident singer of the Hilton Hotel and the balance of her time in the UAE was spent performing at the Millennium hotel, Dubai, where she was also employed as resident lead vocalist.

She gained TV and radio airplay with her single “Haunted ft. Reason, which can be seen on her website or YouTube.

Even before leaving to Dubai in 2015 Janine was considered the first choice for luxury brands that wished to provide elegant ambience to their events.

Her voice has graced the launch of the Rolls Royce Wraith, Mercedes Benz and BMW, but it was her tailor made burlesque shows, that caught the attention of the corporates who regularly hired her. Durban ICC, City Hall, Vodacom, Riverside hotel, Suncoast Casino and Black Rock are just a few. She was the main attraction at the KUMISA (KZN United music industry association) launch in 2012 and wowed an audience of over 20,000 people at the Gold circle event in 2013

Influenced by an old school era and movie score, her songs leave you with a hint of smoky burlesque club, a touch of hip hop, and just enough pop to make it relatable.

Her live repertoire is extensive & includes original songs as well as cover versions covering all genres. Her versatility allows her to   perform alone, in a band or in tailor made shows with dancers. At ease on stage, Janine’s presence is sassy, elegant and CAPTIVATING. She’s Dita; she’s Marylin, She’s Etta… all rolled into one.  .   .   . She’s… JANINE V!