Wow! Its been an eventfull past two days for me & this band.
We’ve been here, rehearsing, planning and diligently preparing for the past month and a half for the wedding of Mr Jantjies. As part of the deal, he has provided accommodation for the band, in the house that he would eventually occupy with his wife, after the wedding. During our time here, we concluded a deal with the new owner of a club called the *****. Conditions of this deal were, that we would perform in his club every Sunday evening for six weeks, in which time we would perform 2 sets for every appearance. This deal was being compromised from day one, due to the club owners inexperience in events marketing. His failure to market correctly caused him to suffer a couple of ill attended nights. This was now “our” problem. From short paying us on the first gig, to cutting us down from two sets to one in order to cut our pay further, this guy was taking us us on a rollercoaster ride. Because of the many public holidays in april, the club owner decided to cancel the gig for the 19th and resume on the 26th april.
Faced with the predicament of having the wedding and the club gig on th same day (26th), the band decided to walk away from the club gig as the main purpose of the band being in P.E, was for the wedding. besides, we felt, that we owed it to Mr Jaantjies after the support he had given us. We also felt that is was unhealthy to continue in the employ of Ricardo as he was braking the bands spirit in the way he treated us. We conveyed this information to Ricardo, the club owner, who then threatened us with legal action, bad publicity and a number of other things.

The only thing left for us to do now, was to pick up the balance of our equipment which we’d left at the club…
Yes, you can imagine that this was going to be an uphill battle.

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